Mar 22, 2013

5 Things for Spring: The Curve of Bluetiful Things

           I don't think style is determined by your size or body shape. I strongly believe it is about the way your wear your clothes and ultimately the way you wear yourself. With that said, take chances! Use your dressing opportunities as a means to showcase your true personality, rather than to cover up the flaws you think you possess.

The Curve of Bluetiful Things

The Curve of Bluetiful Things by Dija Star

Mar 21, 2013

5 Things for Spring: Paris in Electric Blue

         I always love the juxtaposition of a deep and intense color with that of a soft and lighter one. I find it adds complexity to an outfit. If you're feeling bold, throw in an unexpected piece such as the black and white pants below and rock it like its nobody's business!

Paris in Electric Blue

Paris in Electric Blue by Dija Star

American Eagle Outfitters long shirt / Mango jersey blazer, $68 / Ann Taylor petite pants
High heel shoes, $170 / Oasis envelope clutch, $15

Funny Video Of The Day: Ladies get your butt cam on!!!

            This video from The Chive was sent to me from a friend who reads my blog ;-) The two ladies in the video had the bright and funny idea to conceal a camera in a pair of jeans to catch people (mostly men) starring at their ummm ass-ets.

Mar 20, 2013

5 Things for Spring: Mint and Neon

        My all time favorite thing to do when I get dressed is to mix trends! So much fun!
Its always great to  pick a simple piece and dress it up by using bold colors and
accessories. Have at it!

       mint and neon

H&M flare dress, $23 / Prabal Gurung stiletto heels / Zara shoes / Kisslock wallet / Zara turquoise necklace / GUESS ring

Mar 19, 2013

5 Things for Spring: Makeup and Nails

         These are some of my favorite beauty products! They are light yet intense and easy to carry in your purse. The Sephora eyeliner is amazing for a cat, winged, or a more simple eye. The baked eye shadow palette has a great range of color. It's intense color blends well with any skin tone and can be used day or night. The Nars blush is so awesome that I never use any other blush! This shade of orange works on most people and you can apply just a tiny bit to get a natural look. I was working as an extra on Cinema Verite when a makeup artist used it on me. Needless to say, I nearly died and went to heaven! The last thing on my list isn't something I've tried yet. I am however, eager to play around with different types of jeweled nails this Spring and have no doubt I will love it.

Spring tips
1.Exhibit A Nars Blush (can also be purchased at Sephora)

5 Things for Spring: Spring With an Edge

          I thought I would do something new for spring! I will be posting a new series called " 5 Things for Spring" in which I will throw around style tips for anyone trying to freshen up their wardrobe once we bid the winter adieu.                                                                                     

1.New Women's Black Leather Trim High Waisted Mini Skirt
2.Valentino R.E.D-Light Coral Silk Bow Top
3.Zara- Black and White Combination Heels
4.Stella McCartney -Black Faux Fringed Fallabella Bag
5.A-Chrysoprase Earrings with Pave Accent
   B-Friis &Company-Skulk Ring Set
   C-Reiss-Faith Wide Flat Ring