May 29, 2012

Out And About: Memorial Day

We had a wonderful memorial day! What better way to spend a sunny day than barbecuing with friends and family?

Closet Pick: BBQ chic

This is the outfit that I chose for a nice day of barbecuing.

Shirt- Zara, jeans- Forever 21, shoes- H by Halston (Bakers), earrings- Forever 21 chain ring and bracelet Marc Jacobs, aquamarine gold ring- custom made (original engagement ring, hubby's birth stone) - charm bracelet custom made gift from my parents. The evil eye and red string bracelets were a gift from a cousin who works at a store called Verve in Manhattan. Here's the link to their website in case you'd like to check it out.

May 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Happy birthday mom! We love you and hope everything you dream of comes true this year! 

Bisous xoxoxoxoxo

May 26, 2012

Food And All Things Yummy: Chocolate Covered Pretzels

         I was in the mood to bake while being too lazy to bake all at the same time. So instead of foregoing it all, I decided to make something easy that all of you can make at home. All you will need is:

1  bag of mini, unsalted pretzles

 1  6 pack of Hershey's milk chocolate

1  big bar of Ghirardelli white chocolate

About 3 spoonfuls of vegetable oil
            In a small or medium pan, pour 2 spoonfuls of vegetable oil along with the Hershey bars. Melt the chocolate on medium until there are no lumps. Start dipping the pretzels by the handful. Make sure not to leave them in the pan too long as to not make them soggy (just a quick, dip and toss to make sure they are well covered in chocolate). You will then lay them out on parchment paper or a tray. Once the pretzels are done, begin to melt the white chocolate with 1 spoonful of oil in a separate pan. When the white chocolate is melted, drizzle it all over the pretzels then let cool for about an hour before putting in the fridge. Check that your chocolate covered pretzels are completely cooled from the fridge. Lastly, put them in a cookie jar or container that you will store in your refrigerator.       

Out And About: Hamptons- North Fork

          A good friend of ours organized a day out in the Hamptons last weekend and we had an absolute blast! We visited a few vineyards and there were wine tastings all around town (for you winos who wanted to know lol) It was a beautiful day and what seemed like most of Long Islanders were out east getting a jump start on the summer. Pictures below!

Wish List: L'oreal Colour Riche Update


So a while ago I told you guys how I was dying to get my hands on some of L'oreal's Colour Riche nail polish. Well I did, check out the outcome below.

From left to right: Tweet Me (101), Penthouse Pink (104), Boozy Bruch (102 although I am pretty sure they meant boozy brunch lol), Club Prive (105), Check Me Out (103)

The colors are actually more vibrant than in the pictures and really remind me of Sour Patch Jelly Beans hmmmmmm lol.

Closet Pick: His - Easy Hamptons style

          Hubby looked dashing if I may say so myself! He opted for a casual-chic outfit and wore a button down, slim fitting jeans (which are straight lined rather than smaller at the bottom like skinny jeans), clean white sole sneakers, and lastly a fedora to add a bit of "je ne sais quoi" lol.

         We then had to attend a bday party in Manhattan so Kyie went from day to night with a killer silver jacket from Zara. They always have really nice blazers for both women and men.

The blazer sort of changes color depending on the lighting of the room.

Closet Pick: Hers - Easy Hamptons style

           This is the outfit that I picked for a day out with friends in the Hamptons. I thought the tribal print dress would be appropriate for the summer and decided to dress it up with heels and a summer hat, as well as some gold jewelry.