Mar 19, 2013

5 Things for Spring: Spring With an Edge

          I thought I would do something new for spring! I will be posting a new series called " 5 Things for Spring" in which I will throw around style tips for anyone trying to freshen up their wardrobe once we bid the winter adieu.                                                                                     

1.New Women's Black Leather Trim High Waisted Mini Skirt
2.Valentino R.E.D-Light Coral Silk Bow Top
3.Zara- Black and White Combination Heels
4.Stella McCartney -Black Faux Fringed Fallabella Bag
5.A-Chrysoprase Earrings with Pave Accent
   B-Friis &Company-Skulk Ring Set
   C-Reiss-Faith Wide Flat Ring

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